Home Staging Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value Negotiation

Home staging is one of the most popular tactics for selling a home. However, you could make your home look less appealing without the correct design. When it comes to interior design, wallpaper, flooring, windows, and space have a lot of impact. Therefore, different homes need different decorations to look aesthetically pleasing. But there are some pointers any property owner should take into consideration when home staging to avoid decreasing the property value.

Too Much Furniture

Whether you are renting out a residential property or selling a home, you must be prepared to take every step necessary to increase the value of your home. Although home staging is a very smart strategy, overdecorating could hurt your home value.

Home staging shows potential buyers the space and how they could use it the best to live in an appealing and comfortable home. Most buyers wish to purchase a home with a big space. Therefore over-furnishing the property might give them the wrong idea. You should help potential buyers see their lives at your home. You can do so by allowing them to visualize their belongings on your property.

Furniture that doesn’t fit the room

You could easily decorate the home with just a few essentials. However, if the furniture is too big for the room, it could make the house unappealing. A large bed in a small bedroom will only highlight the lack of space in the room, while a small couch in a large living room will make the room look too big and empty. When it comes to interior design, balance is key.

Excessive clutter

Some people like to decorate their homes with excessive amounts of items. Too many colorful decorations could overwhelm the consumer. You don’t need to put antiques and souvenirs all over the shelves and tables. Simple floral vases, small stacks of books, and candles will create a timeless and classy atmosphere.

Keeping too many personal items on display

Although buyers wish to choose a property that feels like home, you should avoid displaying it as your home. Personal items will make it hard for buyers to imagine themselves living in your house. It’s better if you replace family photos and movie posters with artwork and display classic books on the shelves instead of diaries and family albums.

Colors that don’t coordinate

Some sellers have exquisite and unique tastes, however, your agenda is to appeal to the general public. You don’t know what your buyer’s taste might be. When a buyer sees many bright colors, even if the design is original and beautiful, it may not be their cup of tea. In this case, the demand on your property could decrease and your home might lose its value in the eyes of the visitor. Therefore, ensure to go with neutral colors and safe color palettes instead of a big splash of colorful items.

Going overly neutral

According to these Austin property managers, going with neutral colors can be safe. It’s also much easier to decorate around beige, white, and cream colors. These colors can make it easier for the buyer to envision a different style in the house. However, an overly neutral design can make everything look cold and lifeless. You might put up beige curtains and decorate with a cream couch, but make sure to add some pops of color. Throw some colorful pillows on the couch and armchairs, and decorate the shelves with flowers and books.

Neglecting the exterior

The interior design is crucial, but sometimes homeowners forget that the exterior of the property gives the first impression. It’s difficult for a buyer to choose a property that has a messy yard. Clean up the lawn, make sure that the landscaping is in perfect condition, and add some pots of plants at the front door. The exterior of your property can greatly increase your home’s value at the closing table.

Skipping a deep clean

A deep clean is a crucial part of home staging. You need to present potential buyers with the perfect home. Ask your property manager to contact a professional cleaning company so you can avoid missing out on any hidden spots. Although the design might look pretty on the surface, buyers tend to look at every corner of the home before they commit to purchasing. Therefore, make sure there are no stains and dirt to be found.

Purchasing a home is a huge step. Buyers want to visualize themselves in a home they will end up buying. Therefore, you must ensure to welcome them in a beautiful and spacious environment. Staging a home is important to allow the consumer to see the potential of the property, increase the demand, and increase the property value. This is why you must avoid making interior design decisions that could scare the buyer off.

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