Ways to Start Investing in Real Estate, Even Without a License

Property investment is one of the smartest ways to gain passive and stable income. Althoughthere has been a big raise in interest rates and housing prices, property management is stillpopular.Real estate investment is a perfect way to maintain assets and stable income whilesimultaneously growing your wealth and business. The question many rookie investors have iswhether … Continued

Downsizing as a Senior

There are many decisions to be made during your retirement years, and some of the big ones involve your living arrangements.

Why FSBO Listings Aren’t Worth It

A FSBO listing (pronounced fis-bow) is a property that is listed for sale by the owner without the help of a real estate agent. For sale by owner homes come with a unique set of challenges and considerations that you should take into account before deciding to list your home without the help of a … Continued

Why Work with a Professional House Buyer in Norfolk VA

Are you looking to sell your house for cash quickly? Working with a professional home buyer may be a great option for you. Professional home buyers can write cash offers for homes often within one day or less with better terms than traditional buyers can offer. This article discusses why you should work with a … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About How to Stop Foreclosure

Facing foreclosure is one of the most difficult and overwhelming experiences for a homeowner. However, there are plenty of options that may help you keep your home or sell it for a minor loss instead of being evicted from the property. This article discusses how to stop foreclosure and the different options you have if … Continued

We Buy Houses with Foundation Problems

You may be wondering if Capable Home Buyers will purchase your house with Foundation or Structural issues. The short answer is Yes, we will buy your house with foundation issues or any other structural problem. Hi, my name is Emanuel Stafilidis with Capable Home Buyers. In this video I am inspecting a house that we … Continued

Why Sell Your Home to an Investor

Why Sell to an Investor? It’s an interesting question and one that you may be asking, and you may want an answer to, and so we try to answer this question for you in this video and blog post, in an effort to help you gather the information. Everybody knows that if you want to … Continued