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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want.

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Experience with Capable Home Buyers was Great

The experiance with Capable Home Buyers was great. The transaction took longer than I expected but the Capable Home Buyers team were patient, maintained integrity of the contract and very professional. Thanks.

- Deborah Ferguson

Virginia Beach

Raquel Blue

Working with Emanuel has been a wonderful experience!

Working with Emanuel has been a wonderful experience! My team and I enjoyed every minute on the phone. He is an excellent communicator and it was easy for us to get through any problems that came up. We know that our partnership with Emanuel is going to be incredible and we can’t wait to do more work with him.

- Raquel Blue

Silver Swine Commercial Lending, LLC

Mellany H

Very easy process and you and your company were very easy to deal with!! — Testimonial Mellany

Testimonial Mellany - Very Easy Process and you were very easy to deal with!!

Hi, Emanuel here from Capable Home Buyers. We’re at the closing table for a property we purchased in Norfolk from Mellany. First of all, Mellany, how was the process? Did you get everything that you were after?
Yes. It was a very easy process and you and your company were very easy to deal with. I was able to text you and/or email you with any questions that I had, and you were very prompt with your responses to me. You put me at ease. So, that was very nice.
Oh, good.
And how did you find Capable Home Buyers?
I actually get a lot of junk mail, people wanting to purchase my home. And I had been gone, and then I got home and I had a lot of junk mail to go through. So I started to-
You saw one of our postcards.
Yeah. I looked at the bunch of postcards and then I looked them up online. And when I saw yours, your company had a lot of good ratings, a lot of good things to say about your company. So I thought maybe I’ll give them a call or drop a line. And that’s what I did. And you guys got back to me, decided to come over and take a look at my house. And things kind of went from there. You looked at the house, told me what you thought about it. We kind of went back and forth for a few days, and then you let me know whether or not you could make an offer on it. So I think it went swimmingly from there.
And we gave you a couple of options.
Yes. That was the other thing too. You did give me a couple options. So I had a choice what I could do, and it was nice to have different options. And I think that worked out for both of us.
Yeah. Good. Well, I’m glad you’re happy.
Is there anything else you wanted to say?
Just that it was an easy process and I think that it’s working out very well.
Perfect. All right. Thank you very much.
You’re welcome.
We look forward to an ongoing relationship. Thank you-

Caludio Valdivia

I intend to continue working with him for years to come.

I have represented Emanuel from Capable Home Buyers as a real estate agent a number of times over the past few years and have always enjoyed working with him. I have found Emanuel to be honest and reliable. He communicates well and delivers on what he promises. I intend to continue working with him for years to come.

They did everything they said they would do!

Good company to work with, we sold an unwanted house to them and they were very good. Most importantly they did everything they said they would do.

Nicole Carney

We Highly Recommend Capable Home Buyers to anyone who wants to get rid of an unwanted house

My husband and I sold our home to Capable Home Buyers in 2022 and right from the start our experience with Capable Home Buyers was excellent. We called Emanuel from one of his Postcards that we received in the mail. He arrived on time, and gave us a few options and completed the transaction as discussed and without any issues. We would not hesitate to deal with Emanuel again and we highly recommend Capable Home Buyers to anyone who wants to get rid of an unwanted house.

Testimonial Peter W.

Private Lender/Investor:-

My original concerns with the investment I made through Emanuel Stafilidis was;

“Would the investment be Secure,

Would there be good returns,

Would there be good communications”

And it did prove True.

Mr Stafilidis provided regular communication, whenever I had questions or concerns, there was a very quick and reassuring response and yes I was happy with the results.

I’ve actually had 2 investments now with Mr Stafilidis and his company and those provided very good returns.

I can encourage others that have not as yet availed themselves of this investment type of investing in the building and renovation and resale of assets that Emanuel’s company provides, it certainly gives a very sure and secure and stable returns.

And on a personal note, I certainly find the dealing with Mr Emanuel Stafilidis as very professional and someone I’ve grown to trust now over quite some period of time.

- Peter Waters
Marvin and Roslyn Weinstein

It was a pleasure to deal with Capable Home Buyers.

We were able to get the price we wanted for our property.

Emanuel always answered our phone calls and if unable to answer he returned our phone calls as soon as possible.

Emanuel was very attentive to our needs and has a lot of integrity.

He is a very respectful person to deal with.

Roslyn and Marvin Weinstein

Testimonial - Mr & Mrs Weinstein
- Roslyn and Marvin Weinstein

Norfolk VA

Charlie - Virginia Beach.

I have known and worked with Emanuel for a couple of years and he is truthful and frank. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

- Charlie - Virginia Beach.

I have known and worked with Emanuel since he arrived in the USA in 2018. I have found him to be honest and reliable and would recommend him to any prospective clients. Emanuel is easy going, relaxed and gets the job done.

- Chad - Virginia

Private Citizen

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