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We Buy Houses In Portsmouth, Virginia

Sell Your House In Virginia To Us And Pay No Agent Fees, No Repairs, 100% FREE! Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works!

sell my house fast portsmouth

We buy homes in Portsmouth and pay a fair cash price, fast. We even pay the closing costs so you get more money. You can get cash in your hand within 11 days.

Capable Home Buyers is a local no-nonsense home-buying company. We are easy to deal with, honest, reliable and provide excellent service.

Best of 2022 Chesapeake Award for Real Estate Consultant

Fair Cash Offer from an Award Winning Team.

Capable Home Buyers received the Best Real Estate Consultant award from Chesapeake Award Program because we provide win-win solutions.

We understand above all else, that no one will accept an offer that won’t work for them. This is why we go all out to present our highest possible offer. The way we do this is by doing our due diligence, and by keeping our renovation costs as low as possible making more money available for the purchase.

sell my house fast portsmouth

Good company to work with, we sold an unwanted house to them and they were very good. Most importantly they did everything they said they would do.

Jackie Earnest – Hampton, VA

We Buy Houses in Portsmouth, Virginia

No Matter What Your Reason for Selling!

We will make you an offer for your house regardless of your reason for selling, give us a call! Sell to us and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Sell your VA house quickly. We Buy Houses! Ditch messing with repairs, cleaning, or showing it to strangers. Forget the months of uncertainty.

No matter your reasons for selling, reach out to us by filling out the form or call us.

  Inherited An Unwanted Property

  Want to Avoid Foreclosure

  Relocating, Downsizing, Vacant House

  Tired of Dealing With Bad Tenants

  Need to Sell a Damaged House

  Elderly In Need Of Assisted Living

sell my house fast portsmouth
sell my house fast portsmouth
sell my house fast portsmouth
sell my house fast portsmouth
sell my house fast portsmouth

Cash For Your VA House, Simple & Fast

We buy houses cash in As-Is Condition. No matter how much repairs are needed, we love making the repairs because this is what we do best in the world!  


Stuck with code violations? Behind on your mortgage or tax payments? We can buy your Virginia house fast no matter what kind of situation you might be facing. 

sell my house fast portsmouth
Testimonial Mellany - Very Easy Process and you were very easy to deal with!!

Very Easy Process and Easy to Deal With

Mellany H. Norfolk, VA

Mellany H. sold a house in Norfolk VA to Capable Home Buyers in September 2022.

“We are so grateful for the entire Capable Home Buyers team. After living in our home for over 30 years, we felt it was time to downsize as it was getting more challenging to maintain the house.

We were looking to sell it when we found Capable Home Buyers online. They gave us a great offer, and we sold our home according to our schedule. It was all so simple and effortless. If you are looking for an honest and reliable house-buying company, I recommend reaching out to Capable Home Buyers.”

Linda O. – Norfolk VA

House Buyers Portsmouth

No matter what condition your house is in and No matter what situation or timeframe you’re facing, Our goal is to make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out.

We will pay a fair and honest price for your house, fast.

We work with property owners just like you, in all kinds of situations. From divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, burdensome rental property, and all kinds of other situations. We buy houses everywhere in Virginia… including Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas and we pay a fair cash price, fast.

We understand that some people who own property simply have lives that are too busy to take the time to do all of the things that typically needs to be done to prepare a house to sell on the market. If that describes you, just let us know about the property you’d like to be rid of and sell your Virginia house fast for cash.

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We Buy Houses Portsmouth

Are you looking for a cash offer for your home? Do you want to know how a cash offer on a home works? If so, you have come to the right place. Cash home offers can come from direct buyers or investors. Direct buyers of real estate, often known as “iBuyers,” are corporate entities that use either their own cash, venture capitalist funds, Wall Street-backed funds, or a mix of them all to buy real estate directly from sellers. 

Investors are cash buyers who purchase homes, renovate them, and then rent them out or sell them for a higher price to earn a profit. Selling your home to these buyers can save you money and time. Cash buyers can also make the process much faster for homeowners who are eager to move. Considering the perks, it makes sense that home buyers often prefer an all-cash purchase. 

How to Sell a House for Cash 

There are various stages you should be aware of when you choose to sell my house fast Portsmouth. Let’s review everything you need to know to prepare for an all-cash offer. 

Review the Contract

Once you’ve found a cash buyer for your house, you should begin entering into the contract. This will lock in the cash buyer’s offer, so make sure it’s the right buyer for you. To “go under contract,” you must sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement Contract with the buyer to whom you have chosen to transfer the residence. Before you sign the contract, ensure you have thoroughly read it and understood all the terms and conditions. 

You can ask the cash buyer to clarify any information you don’t understand or agree with.

Acquire Evidence of Funding

Most sellers want to ensure that the buyer can afford the house for which they are making an all-cash offer. This protects the seller and guarantees that the buyer has what they claim. Typically, sellers want a particular percentage of what is known as “earnest money.” This one to two percent of the sale price allows the buyer to demonstrate that they have the funds to purchase the home. 

It can also protect the seller. In addition, sellers typically want a bank statement, an investment statement, or other proof of funds. If you’re uncomfortable with this approach or don’t want to deal with forgeries, allow your agent to handle this aspect. They can assist in facilitating these transactions to ensure the security of your sale.

Handle Title and Escrow

Now it’s time to address a few of the final issues of buying and selling a home: title and escrow. You or the buyer can do this step, depending on where you reside. Nonetheless, it is a crucial step and should be taken seriously. Whoever oversees this sale aspect should hire title and escrow companies. 

It is important to note that the same organization may handle the title and escrow processes. If you’re wondering why you need both types of professionals, understand that they both play a crucial role in the purchasing and selling procedures. A title firm performs the following tasks:

  • Rechecking the property lines (and adjusting them if necessary). 
  • Looking for property liens, which are outstanding debts on the seller’s behalf. 
  • Issuing Title Insurance 
  • Overseeing the change in ownership of the property 

An escrow business performs the following tasks: 

  • Managing all closing documentation. 
  • Ensure and manage the flow of funds from buyer to seller. 
  • Complete the relevant legal documentation for the sale.

Begin Home Inspection

Buyers frequently include an inspection contingency in their home purchase agreement. This added comfort to their offer safeguards them as the buyer. An inspection contingency states that the buyer will pay for an inspection of the house. This means they can adjust the agreed-upon pricing if the inspector raises a potential concern. 

Sometimes, the buyer asks the seller to address these faults, and other times, the buyer requests a decrease in the sale price so that they can solve it themselves. Once the inspection and pricing negotiations are over, it is time to begin closing. 

Sign All Closing Documents

Whether you’re dealing with an all-cash offer or not, it’s almost certain that you’ll have to go through a large stack of documentation. Even though it can be bothersome, each piece of paper serves a purpose. Let’s review some of the documentation you might expect to see when finalizing a house transaction.
  • Final closing instructions. If you have not signed your final closing instructions yet, now is the time to do so. When you open an escrow account, you may be required to sign these. This paper outlines the tasks that your escrow business is accountable for executing.
  • Title deed. The title deed is the document that legally transfers ownership of the property to the buyer. However, it is not considered official until the court records the document.
  • Loan payoff statement. This document is intended for folks who have an active mortgage on the home they are selling. It indicates how much the seller has left on their mortgage during closing.
  • Mechanics’ lien. When you sign this document, you certify that there are no current liens (debts) for any property work completed on the residence.
  • Bill of Sale. If you will add other things to the sale, they will be listed in this document. For instance, you would include any furniture you are leaving in the house for the new owner in this paperwork.
  • Statement of information. This document verifies that you are who you claim to be.
  • HUD-1 Settlement Statement. This document is critical since it outlines every cent involved in the sales process. Keep it for your taxes, and have a second look at all of the information on the page.
  • Certificate of Title. Signing this paper confirms that you have the authority to sell the property.
  • Statement of closing costs. By signing this legal paper, you acknowledge that you have been informed of all closing charges for the document and are willing to pay them.
we buy houses portsmouth

The Merits of Going for an All-Cash Offer

There are various advantages of accepting all-cash offers over other offers for your home. Many people are unaware that all-cash offers are far easier than other offers. Let’s discuss why all-cash offers are easier to work with and how you might profit from accepting one yourself.

Quick Offers

When you decide to sell your home to a cash buyer, the process begins with a visit to your property. The staff begins a thorough evaluation within 24 hours of visiting your home. From structural soundness to market worth, every factor is considered to provide a fair and competitive cash offer. Whether you’re relocating, have budgetary restraints, or simply want a speedy solution, our rapid offerings could be just what you need. 

In a traditional real estate setting, receiving an offer may take weeks. Cash house buyers prioritize offering sellers a convenient and fair solution. As a seller, this rapid response accelerates the overall selling process and gives you the advantage of making quick decisions. Whether you accept the offer or look into alternative options, having a specific cash offer within 24 hours allows you to make informed decisions.

Cash Offers do not Require an Appraisal

Mortgage lenders require appraisals on the residences they will help finance. They do not want to help finance a home that does not have the worth that the seller claims. All cash buyers do not have the same criteria. In fact, many all-cash purchasers specifically hunt for fixer-uppers. However, this does not rule out the possibility of some all-cash buyers requesting an assessment. 

Like mortgage lenders, buyers want to know that they are paying a reasonable amount for the home they want to buy.

Increased Certainty

Cash offers are less likely to fail because the cash buyer must demonstrate that they have the funds to purchase the home. With mortgage-dependent buyers, funding may fall through, rendering the sale null and void. This can be a concern for someone looking to sell their home quickly. The mortgage paperwork and approval procedure can be time-consuming, and there is no certainty that the transaction will be completed and finalized. 

In fact, a seller may accept an all-cash offer even if it is less than what someone with financing is ready to pay. For some sellers, the convenience outweighs the lower cash payout.

Save Cash

Cash offers from We Buy Houses companies are less expensive since they require less paperwork and take less time to complete. However, this involves both time and money. Because there is less paperwork, all-cash offers have fewer fees and closing costs. You won’t have to stress about paying the bank’s many fees. 

Furthermore, the seller may choose not to hire a real estate agent, resulting in even lower costs. Agents expect the seller to pay them 6% of the sales price. This means if you sell your home for $800,000, the agent will receive $48,000. Cash buyers pay the closing costs, and since no middlemen are involved, you won’t incur any costs when selling your home. 

Furthermore, cash offers save the buyer money because they do not have to pay any interest on the home’s sale. This is a win-win situation for all sides.

sell my house fast portsmouth

How to Pick a Reliable Cash Home Buyer

You must pick a reputable buyer to enjoy all the merits highlighted above. These tips will simplify the selection process for you.

Research the Company’s Reputation

In the age of online reviews and social media, researching a company’s reputation has never been simpler. Look for testimonials, reviews, and ratings from prior customers. Pay notice to any repeating comments, whether favorable or bad. A trustworthy business will have a track record of clear interactions, fair pricing, and delighted consumers. 

You can speak to these customers and get an idea of what it will be like to work with the company. 

Beware of Unrealistic Offers

While the goal is to sell quickly, avoid offers that appear too good to be true. Scammers frequently attract homeowners with inflated initial offers, only to lower the price later. Obtain many offers from various organizations to determine the market value of your property, and be aware of any company that pressures you to accept an offer on the spot. 

Transparency of the Process

A reputable we buy houses VA organization should be upfront about the entire process, from the initial bid to the closing. Request a thorough explanation of the actions involved, including any fees or costs related to the transaction. Clear communication is essential for avoiding disagreements and ensuring a smooth and fair transaction.

Verify Credentials and Licensure

Verify the credibility of the we buy houses Portsmouth company by checking its qualifications and licensing. Legitimate companies are registered and follow local legislation. Ask for proof of licensing and certificates, and be suspicious of those hesitant to supply it. A trustworthy corporation would be open and honest about its legal situation.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Keep an eye out for indicators that could indicate a scam. This includes calls for up-front costs, ambiguous or evasive responses to your questions, and pressure techniques to sign paperwork immediately. A respectable organization would take the time to work on your concerns, provide clarification, and give you the opportunity to make an informed decision. 

Local Availability and Expertise 

Choose a we buy houses Newport News organization with a local presence and a thorough understanding of your area’s real estate market. Local experience ensures a smoother procedure because the organization is familiar with the various aspects that influence property values and transactions in your specific area.

Seek Recommendations

When it comes to choosing a “We Buy Houses” organization, word of mouth may be a very effective weapon. Seek referrals from friends, relatives, or colleagues who have had excellent experiences with similar transactions. Personal references can often provide useful information about a company’s dependability and professionalism.

In 2024, selecting the correct we buy ugly houses Portsmouth organization necessitates a thoughtful and informed approach. Homeowners can confidently navigate the realm of fast cash home buyers by following all the tips highlighted above. Remember that the ideal organization will prioritize your demands, give transparency, and ensure a swift and fair transaction.

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