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We Buy Houses In Virginia

Sell Your House In Virginia To Us And Pay No Agent Fees, No Repairs, 100% FREE! Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works!

we buy houses in virginia
Welcome to Capable Home Buyers

We buy homes in Virginia and pay a fair cash price, fast. We even pay the closing costs so you get more money. You can get cash in your hand within 11 days.

Capable Home Buyers are people who buy houses. We are based in Hampton Roads and we are a local no-nonsense home-buying company. We are easy to deal with, honest, reliable and provide excellent service.

Best of 2022 Chesapeake Award for Real Estate Consultant

Fair Cash Offer from an Award Winning Team

Capable Home Buyers received the Best Real Estate Consultant award from Chesapeake Award Program because we provide win-win solutions.

We understand above all else, that no one will accept an offer that won’t work for them. This is why we go all out to present our highest possible offer. The way we do this is by doing our due diligence, and by keeping our renovation costs as low as possible making more money available for the purchase.

we buy houses in virginia

Good company to work with, we sold an unwanted house to them and they were very good.

Most importantly they did everything they said they would do.

Jackie Earnest – Hampton, VA

We Buy Houses in Virginia

No Matter What Your Reason for Selling!

House Buyers Virginia

We will make you an offer for your house regardless of your reason for selling, give us a call! Sell to us and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Sell your VA house quickly. We Buy Houses! Ditch messing with repairs, cleaning, or showing it to strangers. Forget the months of uncertainty.

No matter your reasons for selling, reach out to us by filling out the form or call us.

  Inherited An Unwanted Property | Probate

  Want to Avoid Foreclosure

  Relocating, Downsizing, Vacant House

  Tired of Dealing With Bad Tenants

  Need to Sell a Damaged House

  Elderly In Need Of Assisted Living

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we buy houses in virginia
we buy houses in virginia
we buy houses in virginia
we buy houses in virginia

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we buy houses in virginia

Cash For Your VA House, Simple & Fast

We buy houses cash in As-Is Condition. No matter how much repairs are needed, we love making the repairs because this is what we do best in the world! 


Stuck with code violations? Behind on your mortgage or tax payments? We can buy your Virginia house fast no matter what kind of situation you might be facing. 

we buy houses in virginia
Testimonial Mellany - Very Easy Process and you were very easy to deal with!!

Very Easy Process and Easy to Deal With

Mellany H. Norfolk, VA

Mellany H. sold a house in Norfolk VA to Capable Home Buyers in September 2022.

“We are so grateful for the entire Capable Home Buyers team. After living in our home for over 30 years, we felt it was time to downsize as it was getting more challenging to maintain the house.

We were looking to sell it when we found Capable Home Buyers online. They gave us a great offer, and we sold our home according to our schedule. It was all so simple and effortless. If you are looking for an honest and reliable house-buying company, I recommend reaching out to Capable Home Buyers.”

Linda O. – Norfolk VA

House Buyers Virginia

No matter what condition your house is in and No matter what situation or timeframe you’re facing, Our goal is to make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out.

We will pay a fair and honest price for your house, fast.

We work with property owners just like you, in all kinds of situations. From divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, burdensome rental property, and all kinds of other situations. We buy houses everywhere in Virginia… including Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas and we pay a fair cash price, fast.

We understand that some people who own property simply have lives that are too busy to take the time to do all of the things that typically needs to be done to prepare a house to sell on the market. If that describes you, just let us know about the property you’d like to be rid of and sell your Virginia house fast for cash.

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

Give us a bit of information about your property or call (757) 699-1201...
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We Buy Houses in Virginia

Selling your home can be surprisingly time-consuming and emotionally challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before. At times, it may feel like an invasion of privacy because strangers will come into your home, open your closets and cabinets, and poke around. They will criticize a place that has probably become more than just four walls and a roof to you, and to top it all off, they will offer you less money than you think your home is worth. To avoid this, you should consider accepting a cash offer from a we buy houses VA company. 

In the hierarchy of home offers, the cash offer is at the top. Cash simplifies the buying process. Without lenders in the mix, you’ll save time and reduce the risk of the deal not going through.

Benefits of Selling Your Residence to Cash Home Buyers

If you want to sell your home due to relocation or a financial emergency, you can sell to any of the companies highlighted above. You can choose the company to sell to, depending on your circumstances. You will enjoy the following merits when you sell your home to these companies. 

Sell Your Home as Fast as Possible

Selling your home is a complex process that involves different phases like finding a reputable agent, staging the home, completing necessary repairs and more. You must be armed with the required information and abilities in order to sell your home quickly. If you don’t have any of these, it will likely take months to sell your property successfully. This can be problematic, especially if you need to relocate quickly to another country or city.

We buy houses in Virginia firms will not keep you waiting. They will buy your home as soon as possible so that you can pursue better chances elsewhere. Some we buy houses companies can even complete the transaction ten days after you contact them. When you contact a We Buy Houses company, they will ask for details about your home and why you are selling it. 

They will set up an appointment with you and conduct an inspection of your home. They will then make an offer based on their assessment, and if you agree to their terms, you will receive cash in return for your home right away. Selling your home to a We Buy Houses company is one of the simplest and quickest ways to receive cash for your property. 

No Middlemen Involved

There are alternative ways to get professional support while selling your home. Realtors can assist you throughout the full process of selling your house. They have the essential knowledge and experience to market and price your home. Realtors will also have a large pool of potential homebuyers, saving you time and effort in discovering them from scratch. 

Although beneficial, the services provided by a realtor are expensive. They will receive a share of the proceeds from your home’s sale, restricting your earning potential. Realtors are often paid a 6% commission, which means that if you sell your home for $500,000, you’ll have to pay them $30,000. We buy houses Chesapeake companies operate without any middlemen, cutting unnecessary costs. 

If you contact one of these companies in your region, you will be working directly with them. This means there will be no need to hire real estate agents or brokers or pay hidden fees. As a result, you can sell your home for the greatest cash price feasible without sharing the profits with anyone. This will allow you to maximize your investment and get a high return on your investment.

Receive a No-Obligation Offer

Cash home buyers in Virginia are prevalent nowadays. As the real estate business grows, so will the number of we-buy-houses companies worldwide. This increase gives you more alternatives. Contrary to popular assumption, selling your property to a We Buy Houses company does not require you to accept their offer.

Even if they take a closer look at your home and do a full inspection, the offer they make is unconditional. In reality, credible we buy houses Norfolk organizations will give you enough time to make a decision and will not rush you to do so the instant they make you an offer. Accepting or rejecting an offer made by a we-buy-houses company is a common procedure in the cash house-buying sector. These organizations understand how significant your home is, and they will respect your decision once they have made the offer.

No Repairs or Renovations Are Required

How your home looks and functions can influence a buyer’s decision. A property with a fresh coat of paint and new windows and doors would appeal to more purchasers than a poorly maintained home. When buyers enter your property during an open house, their decision to buy is influenced by the fixtures and amenities they see. To ensure that your home attracts purchasers in the local real estate market, you will need to spend money on repairs and renovations before selling it. 

With so many people and businesses selling their properties, selling your home to traditional buyers will not set you apart in the market. Most sellers struggle to cover the cost of repairs and renovations. Aside from costing money, these projects will delay the seller’s capacity to make money and relocate from their existing location. Furthermore, sellers who are uninterested in house upgrades will struggle to decide which tasks to fund. 

Most of the time, homeowners end up spending money on renovation work that does not increase the value of their properties or make an impression on local purchasers. When you sell your home to a We Buy Houses company, you can save yourself the time and money associated with home repairs and improvements because they will buy it as-is. You do not need to replace any broken furniture, repaint your walls, or arrange numerous open houses in your neighborhood. All you have to do is contact a We Buy Houses company, and they will promptly acquire your home regardless of its age or condition. 

You will receive the cash instantly and begin your new life.

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